Bushcraft Courses - Teen Bushcraft survival

On this course you will learn all about the resources needed to survive in the wilderness.

*The key factors that make survival possible
*The basics for a survival kit *How to make fire and shelter
*How to gather water and food
*When to stay and when to move
*First aid basics
*Navigation techniques (how to find your way)
*Signaling *Tool use and lots more....

What is provided: We will provide you with food and show you how to prepare it. We will also provide the materials needed to build your shelter. This is a course tor teenagers from 14 years up. A basic level of fitness is required for this course. You will need to be focused and have a willingness to learn new skills.

Saturday 5th May - Sunday 6th May 2018
Saturday 7th July - Sunday 8th July 2018
Saturday 6th October - Sunday 7th October 2018

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