Bushcraft Courses - Family Bushcraft Courses

On our overnight famiy bushcraft course you will enjoy the comfort of the camp fire as you sleep out under the night sky.

Develop your bushcraft skills through knife craft; firecraft; stoves and camp cooking; shelter building; learning about the many plants, trees and animals living in the woodland and much more..

Good wholesome food provided, tea and coffee, warm log fire and good company guaranteed.

Our camp is situated in beautiful native and mixed woodlands near Hollymount Co. Mayo
We will meet at the village at 10.30am and then travel the short distance to camp.
After campfire tea and coffee or drinks and snack for the kids we will introduce you to your camping area which will be your private space for the weekend. If you are bringing your own tent this is a good  time to set up and there is always some unpacking and sleeping arrangements to be made.
Activities will commense with a woodland team challenge which will help with getting to know the rest of the families on camp.

After this its sure to be time for some lunch by the campfire at which point the younger campers have a little play time and the older crew sit and chat over a cup of tea.

After lunch we will practice some fire craft and work with the many different ways of starting a fire. This is an activity which always sparks interest, especially among the younger members in the group.

We then move to other team challenges like practising stalking techniques and looking at how camouflage works.
This is followed by a walk in the woods before dinner to further explore the camp surroundings and examine more closely the plants and animals that live there.
After dinner the Kids are introduced to more woodland games where they have an opportunity to run around and have some play time before settling in for the night.

Day 2
After breakfast which starts around 9am we well explore the art of shelter building. We will build a group full size, functional debris shelter and also let the kids explore creatively through building a mini shelters of their own design.
Tea, coffee, snack.
We then take a look at camp equipment, camp cookers etc. and help you with making a more informed choice.
More time for family games and team challenges.
We will then look at tents and other forms of shelter and their best uses and cost.
After this we will have a short camp review.

End of camp.

Facilities include:  Bush kitchen; Covered fire area;  Covered work areas; Compost toilet

Saturday 14th April - Sunday 15th April 2018
Saturday 2nd June - Sunday 3rd June 2018
Saturday 22nd September - Sunday 23rd September 2018

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